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Solnhofen Fossils for sale.

Fossil fish Aspidorhynchus acutirostris Solnhofen
The Fossils from  Solnhofen may the best preserved and most beautiful jurassic Fossils at all. The Lithographic limestone of Solnhofen delivers a complete fossil ecosystem. Even the Solnhofen lagoons itself where marine they delivery also devise fossils from the close by land mass. From The Icon of paleontology, the  Archaeopteryx  lithographica is found in Solnhofen.  Solnhofen is also famous for the well preserved Limulus Fossils of Mesolimulus walchi.
The Picture shows a fossil fisch from Solnhofen of the species Aspidorhynchus acutirostris

Bundenbach Fossils for Sale

Bundenbach Fossils Furcaster
Bundenbach is one of the most classical site on paleontology. Bundenbach fossils offers a unique view on a Devonian fossil ecosystem. Bundenbach in one of the most imported konservat – lagerstätten. Sometimes offer Bundenbach fossils a detailed soft body preservation. Rarely are also Trilobites with legs known from the Bundenbach.
The Pictures shows a fossil brittle star of the species Furcaster palaeozoicus from Bundenbach.

Czech Trilobites for sale.

Czech Trilobite Acadoparadoxides sirokyi Snajdr, 1957

No other country is so famous for Trilobite than the Czech Republic. The most Czech Trilobite are been found in the Barrandian area. This is a region is named after the palaeontologist Joachim Barrande. The most famous Czech trilobites are Paradoxides and Ellipsocephalus that been found in the Cambrian Jince formation. But also fabulous Czech Trilobites  come from the Ordovician, Silurian and also Devonian.
The Picture shows a huge and rare Acadoparadoxides sirokyi .

Nattheim Fossils for Sale

Fossil Nattheim Coral of Thecosmilia trichotoma
Fossils from Natthein can be extremely decorative.
The Fossils of Nattheim are mostly Silicificatied so that spectacular detailed acid preparations can be made. The fossils belong in the upper Jurassic Mergelstetten formation that is mostly Kimmeridgian.Some parts of the Mergelstetten formation may belong also in the lower Tithonian.
The Picture shows a detail of a Fossil Nattheim coral of the species Thecosmilia trichotoma.

Chengjiang Fossils for sale.

Chengjiang Fossils Trilobites

The konservat lagerstätte of Chengjiang is wolrd famous for the detailed soft body fossils of the early Cambrian age. The Picture shows a fossil Trilobite of the species Wutingaspis tingi. This one would be also listed in the category of Chinese trilobites.

French Trilobites for sale

Here is a wonderful specimen of Placoparia tournemini from france.

Here we offer Trilobites from France. Even France in more famous for Ammonites there are numerous French Trilobite sites  that deliver wonderful fossils.
The pictured trilobite is a wonderful specimen of Placoparia tournemini from france.

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